Original Signed Items
 Original Hand-Signed Items with a Certificate of Authenticity from Beckett (BAS) ,  PSA ,  or  JSA  ( These are the accepted third party authenticators in the industry )  -  These stickers are affixed to the front of most signed items and will also reference these stickers on paperwork or certificates attached to the back of the pieces.  Higher end pieces will not have a sticker on the front, but rather a full page authentication letter on the back, showcasing the piece that is being authenticated , with a longer version of authentication from any of these three companies.
We also offer original hand-signed items that will not have a Certificate of Authenticity .  In most instances, we believe that the signatures might be real, however we are selling these pieces as  “ Conversational “ and will be deeply discounted to the cost of professional framing.  A client might just end up buying a piece that proves to be real, rather than just conversational. We are working on an adhesive sticker for the backs of any such piece.
Reproduced Signature Pieces 
 Most of these pieces will have a circular silver sticker on the bottom of the signed item that has a  R  surrounded by the words Repli Autograph .  This means that the signature is a replica.   Be aware that these reproduced signatures, when signed originally in black or blue marker/pen, can be reproduced so fine, that the naked eye cannot differentiate it from an authentic signature.  The sticker identifies the replica and these pieces are affordable and conversational.  They DO NOT have authenticity paperwork attached to the back.
Laser  Signature Pieces
These pieces tend to have signatures laser reproduced on the matting part of the frame job.  They are easily suspect as not being real, however, many people are so fixated on getting a great bargain/deal, that they will buy a piece featuring a laser signature, without realizing that the signature has been reproduced on an item that would likely never be signed by a celebrity or athlete ( The Matting for example ) .  These pieces are created with large signatures, and again, are created so that people have access to otherwise expensive memorabilia for display and conversation, without the exorbitant prices. Examples would be our Gold Albums, and signatures like The Beatles, Prince , Rat Pack  etc…….


It must be understood that the determination of Authentic or Not Authentic is purely a subjective opinion, and can vary from individual expert to expert , or company to company.  95% of signatures are not personally witnessed by  the authenticator and thus his determination is purely subjective in nature…..sort of an intelligent guess.  Rarely do theseAuthenticators have any academic credentials to support the positions that they hold, nor do many take an type of continuing education classes to further their understanding of forensic sciences.  If an authenticator opines that the piece will not pass, there are two possibilities here : 1) the signature is absolutely not likely to be real, a forgery , 2)  the signature is not consistent with known exemplars and the authenticator will just not pass the item.  When a celeb or athlete signed while moving, or at an airport for example, the signature might be inconsistent with a signature  that is signed at a desk or at a signing .