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Having the right auctioneer for your event can take you to the next level. Having participated in thousands of auctions, I can tell you that not all auctioneers are created equal. A successful auctioneer needs to be able to read the room, and apply their carefully honed skills to bond with your audience and imply the sense of timing and urgency needed by your particular cause. Not all the causes we enjoin are life or death propositions, but your ability to maximize the all the revenue streams from your fundraiser, might just be a life or death issue for your group.

Our auctioneers are all trained charity benefit auctioneers. They will work with you to understand your audience and your objectives for the evening, and then suggest ways to monetize everyone in your crowd. From those discussions will spring a plan of action and hopefully a roadmap to success.

Our auctioneers are all comfortable behind a microphone, and our Celebrity Auctioneers will instantly be recognizable to your audience, and add a sense of implied consent to your cause.

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